The news of an unplanned pregnancy can all be so overwhelming to take in at first. It’s important to take each step of pregnancy confirmation to make the process smoother as you gain clarity. Once you’ve had time to process the news and confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test, an ultrasound is your next step to gain more clarity about your pregnancy. 

Verify Your Pregnancy

A pregnancy test cannot tell you all there is to know about your pregnancy. Here are the three reasons an ultrasound is needed after a positive pregnancy test:

  1. Verifies whether you have a viable (healthy & growing) pregnancy
  2. Determines the location of your pregnancy
  3. Confirms how far along you are (gestational age)

An ultrasound also alerts you to potential pregnancy risks and complications. Before making a final pregnancy decision, it’s important to know this necessary information.

An ultrasound can detect a potential ectopic pregnancy, which is not a viable pregnancy and is located outside the uterus. It could be a potential health threat and it’s important to get treatment right away. At Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield, we offer free ultrasounds so you can move forward.

What’s An Ultrasound Do?

You may wonder how an ultrasound procedure is done. It’s a simple and painless process of confirming your pregnancy details. With an ultrasound, an imaging technique is used through sound waves to produce images of the pregnancy.

Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds are normally pain-free, but may cause slight discomfort if you are experiencing abdominal pain. Both of these types of ultrasounds could be performed in the first trimester. Our sonographer will help to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have before and as you go about your appointment.

Getting an ultrasound is essential to make a decision as it provides you with the clarity you need about your pregnancy and confirms your pregnancy options. 

Get a Free Ultrasound

Our safe environment of compassionate and non-judgmental medical team is here to provide free and confidential ultrasounds. First, confirm your pregnancy with our lab-quality pregnancy testing to be sure.

After your pregnancy confirmation, we can educate you about all your pregnancy options and answer any questions you have. We are here to serve you.

Schedule a free and confidential pregnancy confirmation appointment today.