How Does Adoption Work?

You may still be overwhelmed by your pregnancy options but are curious to learn more. Adoption is an option to consider if still on the fence. We want to clear up any confusion you may have about adoption. It has drastically improved over the years as the birth mother now has the final say. 

Adoption gives you an opportunity to offer your child a hopeful future. This option is available for mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.

What Are My Adoption Options?

You have multiple adoption plan options. Each adoption plan is here to fit your unique lifestyle. Here are the three adoption plans to choose from:

An Open Adoption

Open adoption is the most common type, as many mothers desire to build a relationship with their child and have a relationship with the adoptive parents. 

With open adoption, you as the birth mother, choose where you place her child. You may choose to place your child with friends, relatives, etc. You also decide how much contact you have with your child and adoptive parents. 

A Closed Adoption 

If you want complete privacy, a closed adoption is for you. With closed adoption, the adoptive family and birth mother share little to no contact. Identifying information will remain anonymous. 

Though this plan is less popular, there are benefits to closed adoption, including emotional closure, safety for the child if there is a toxic home environment, and privacy. 

A Semi-Open Adoption

With semi-open adoption, all or most communication between the birth parents and adoptive parents is completed through a third party, which protects any identifying information. 

If you choose semi-open adoption, you most likely will work with an adoption agency or to find an adoptive family with the same desired adoption plan. 

Is this Option for Me?

Every pregnancy option has its own challenges. It’s important to know that just because you cannot provide for a child right now, it doesn’t mean you are not a mother. Motherhood looks unique for everyone.

Free & Confidential Support

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