Still unsure about what to do next with an unplanned pregnancy with your partner? The initial shock can seem overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing. Take one step at a time – You are not alone. 

At our center, our compassionate team is here to answer your questions along the way. Here is what guys can do with an unplanned pregnancy. 

Give Yourself Space to Process

It’s normal to have many questions and concerns right now. You may be asking yourself…

  • Is the baby really mine?
  • How do I support my partner and a child financially?
  • What are our pregnancy options?
  • How do we tell our parents?
  • Will anyone support us?

It’s important to take a step back before planning what’s next with your partner. Whatever you do next is completely up to you, but know you have more than one pregnancy option. We can educate you about them all in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

How to Support your partner

Remember, your partner is probably going through similar emotions as you. You are on this journey together and can lean on one another. Talk with your partner to see how she is doing, what she may need, and how you can support her during this difficult time. 

A listening ear is one of the best ways to support your partner in this moment. Try your best to give her space as she needs it and be present when she needs you.  

Free Pregnancy support

Men – what you feel during this journey matters just as much as your partners. We are here to offer support so you can move forward. You are stronger than you know.

Schedule an appointment with one of our trained advocates as we guide you through the process of free and confidential pregnancy confirmation and options education. Our advocates can provide education on your different options: parenting, adoption, and abortion.

If you choose parenting, we can offer additional child development, safety and parenting classes, and material assistance for baby needs. 

We are here for you no matter what you decide. Pregnancy Help Center of Chesterfield is dedicated to helping women.